6 Ways to Get a Tropical Decor Vibe in Your Home


“Life is breezy, people are laid back and friendly, and stress doesn’t seem to exist.”

Just a touch of the tropics is all you need sometime! This fun style is very representative of tropical destinations like Hawaii and Maldives and more exotic places like Bali, the West Indies, and the jungles of the Caribbean. By using a tropical influence, you can create your own oasis at home!

Bring the outside in with these 6 elements and design tips on how to curate a tropical getaway right at your doorstep:


Tropical style fully embraces nature – specifically the water and plant life. Incorporate a color palette of greens & blues. Black also features in a tropical look.

From pale and subtle to bold and vibrant, the entire spectrum of greens and blues exist. You can paint the walls yourself or add in tropical colors in smaller doses. Be bold with wallpaper too!



When it comes to tropical furniture, you want to go with rattan pieces. The soft tonal variation of light rattan and the neutral warm brown of local teak furniture is a classic combination which gives the plantation style chair its unique appeal.

Soft whites from plastered walls, dark timber paneling and flowing drapes partnered with rich dark brown shutters creates great tonal variation. You can also work in some cane furniture and bamboo furniture too! If you don’t have a large budget, then go with warm wood furniture for your tropical space.



Whether it’s the real thing or on fabric or wallpaper, nothing brings the tropical style flair home more securely than displaying big-leaf plants. You can settle for lots of greenery and indoor plants to keep your home looking as tropical as possible!

If you’re as crazy about plants as we are, think about banana plants, oversized fronds, and a variety of lush greenery. This works in any tropical space, whether it’s the entry, living room, breakfast nook, or even outside.



Tropical lighting puts an emphasis on the playful and the natural. Combine natural woods like bamboo and rattan with wood beads, color beads and other accents to create a relaxed look that’s easy on the eye.

You can also add height with floor lamps with textured shades, bamboo, rattan or cane shades. Go with natural materials and avoid bright colouring. You can also integrate tropical bird motifs, palm fronds or banana leafs and tropical fish for visual appeal and playfulness.



To blend seamlessly with tropical style and to give the illusion of texture, think about incorporating textiles with lattice prints, island themes, or cane motifs. Replicate the roughness of a palm trunk, coconut, or driftwood with wicker, rattan, or jute.

Use great accessories such as coral, pineapples lamps, giant shells, printed cushions, glass buoy floats and handmade bowls. Fresh fruit such as green bananas, coconuts and green pineapples in rustic bowls are another gorgeous tropical touch for any home.



Darker wide floorboards reflecting the traditional colonial homesteads are a great look. Adding rugs - jute is a great option, again natural fiber and textures.

Bamboo flooring or ceramic tile in organic, earthy colors are another good choice for a tropical look too!


In Summary

The tropical lifestyle is all about relaxed living, comfort, ease, and hospitality. With a little guidance, it’s not so difficult to create a tropical paradise in your home!

We hope this post inspires you as you go about decorating your home in the tropical style. Please let us know in the comments below if you have any other resources for getting the tropical vibe in your home.

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