Lovers Brew Bath Soak

Lovers Brew Bath Soak

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Arouse all your senses. I’m filled with aphrodisiac herbs and flowers that symbolise love, passion, and sacred connection. Take the time out with your partner to reconnect and remember the love and unity you share. Run a bath and light some candles to set the mood, have a glass or two and reignite playfulness and passion with our lovers brew.

All herbs are Organic or Wildcrafted.


Pink Himalayan salt - 
Powerful detoxifier to leave you feeling clean, purified and nourished physically, spiritually and energetically.
Horny Goat Weed
 - Renowned aphrodisiac, One of the most well known and oldest herbs for sexual health dating back over 2000 years.
Rose Petals - The universal symbol of Love and Sacred connection.
Shatavari - Ayurvedic rejuvenator for women, symbolises female sexuality and empowerment. Supports the female reproductive system.  
Lavender - Induces a sense of calm. Soothes the mind, eases stress, anxiety and tensions.
Hibiscus - Rich in vitamin C, minerals and various antioxidants, known aphrodisiac, symbolizes love, passion and femininity.
Calendula - Anti-inflammatory known to nourish and heal the skin. Symbolises joy, vitality, passion and luck.
Yarrow - An ancient herb used in love rituals and magick. It’s Associated with Aphrodite the goddess of love, and ruled by Venus.
Holy Basil - Highly revered in AyurvedaReduces stress and calms the nervous body, mind and soul. Symbolises happiness, love and peace.

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