Muscle Marination Bath Soak

Muscle Marination Bath Soak

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Marinade your muscles in my herbal brew. I’m filled with herbs known to soothe and replenish sore and tired muscles. Breathe in my therapeutic aromas and release any tensions you’ve been carrying. Let go of the day, lay back and give your mind and body the rest they deserve. 

All Herbs are Organic or Wildcrafted.


Pink Himalayan Salt - Powerful detoxifier to leave you feel clean, purified and nourished physically, spiritually and energetically.
Epsom Salt - Another powerful detoxifier that helps you to destress, relaxes the muscles, relieves muscular cramps, pain and releases tensions.
Chamomile - Aids with sleep, stress, and anxiety. Reduces inflammation and soothes skin.
Rosemary - Relieves sore and tired muscles.
Lavender - Induces a sense of calm. Soothes the mind, eases stress, anxiety and tensions.
Lemon Balm - Uplifting of the spirit, encourages sleep and alleviate nervous agitation.
Sage - Eases muscle aches, tightness, tensions and cramps.
Eucalyptus - Helps with an overtired body and head congestion. Reduces pain and promotes relaxation.

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