Nepali Wooden Pot

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Experience the allure of our vintage wooden nepali pots - extraordinary antique treasures that have withstood the test of time. These remarkable pieces carry a rich history and possess a raw, rustic charm that instantly captivates the eye. With their age-old elegance, these pots make a striking statement whether displayed empty or adorned with dried florals or sprays of fresh foliage. Their versatile size makes them ideal for placement on sideboards, coffee tables, or side tables, adding a touch of exotic allure to any space.

Dimensions  8cm (l) x 18cm (l) x 30cm (h). Each vintage item will vary in size and design

Materials 100% teak wood

Crafted meticulously by hand using teak wood, each piece possesses a distinct character defined by its cracks, imperfections, wear, and natural variations in color. These elements contribute to the exquisite patina and individuality that make this piece truly one-of-a-kind.

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