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“I’ll have a candle, coffee, gin, cider, beer and wine with that reusable cup thanks.” What’s the fuss about? Read about why this range is so popular below.

4 stunning designs and 4 gorgeous scents.

Featuring a double walled metal painted exterior, each cup comes with a reusable lid and is filled with one of our fifteen fragrances. The lid makes it ideal to reuse after its initial life as a candle for hot or cold beverages, which means COFFEE in the morning and WINE at night!! Pop it in your bag for coffee with friends, picnics or for that wine tour. HECK YESSS!!!

This product is great way to recycle candle vessels and practise a tiny, but mighty sustainability role for the environment!

Please note:

* 360ml / 130mm (h) x 80mm (w) /approximate burn time of 40 hours
* Not dishwasher safe.
* Fits most, but not all car cup holders.
* Reusable cups are double-walled which means they are not hot to touch on the outside; however, keep your hot drinks super hot and your cold drinks icy cold for hours!
* Burn candle in a safe place and trim your wicks before each burn. For best performance do not burn in excess of 4 hours.
* After the candle is finished, clean with warm soapy water. If residual matter remains, use bicarbonate soda with vinegar.

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