Shell Placemats

Shell Placemats

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Keep it light and beachy-summer time flavour on your table makes this such a winsome addition sure to liven up things at meal time. made from tiny shelves that have been strung to this patterned mat all of 20 cm in diameter making it such a great choice for that table top update. After all, your everyday mealtime is also a time to indulge and make yourself and your meal feel special.

When it comes to making a difference the way your décor looks tiny little additions play an important role in keeping things from getting too boring-here is an addition sure to live up things the beachy way. made from shells entirely-this round placemat is a natural shell wite-the size perfect for small or large plates or bowls. The shells form a cm thick pattern that will lend the right kind of insulation for keeping table tops safe from hot bowls and plates. You could create a set and use them when you feel like inviting a summery and beachy look on tables. Could eb your meal time setting or o special occasions. Despite the mat being created from shells -it is sturdy and skid free and easy to clean with a wipe of damp cloth.

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