Dharrang Canvas

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160 x 120

Dharrang Canvas Art Print - Warm, earthy and deeply grounded in rich ancestral culture, this contemporary Indigenous Aboriginal artwork has been created by Wiradjuri artist Amanda Hinkelmann. Featuring clusters of intricately painted concentric circles, and colour blocked rectangles, the piece is representative of the Creation period - where all life came into being. The colour palette features a unique blend of brown, beige and deep jade green tones. A complimentary piece to Nganhali, Marramarra and Wiraywinhangin Marramarra, as a part of Amanda's visual representation of the Dreaming.


Be taken on a visual journey through the beginning of time, where all life began - The Creation Period. From nothing, all at once, life appears. These beginnings, these Dreamings, are held sacred to Indigenous Aboriginal peoples - stories that only we know and understand. Stories that run deep in our culture and bloodlines. These stories are our 'Dharrang', our letters from Ancestors, that only we know how to read.

Artist : Amanda Hinkelmann

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